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To Start With Siebel BIP Reports


Before start working with reports, following are the two pre-requisites:

1.      BI Publisher Desktop Add-In

  •  A report template is edited using Microsoft Word with BI Publisher Desktop add-in.
  • This add-in provides an additional toolbar and menu options to work with reports.


  2.      Sample Data File

  • It is a XML file generated in Siebel application using integration object associated with report.
    • Administration – BIP Reports > Sample Data File Generation view.
    • XML is generated at location – <SiebelInstallDir>\XMLP\Data.
  • Data File defines the data elements that would be available at run-time.
  • It also provides sample values for previewing reports.
  • Before start working with reports, it is required to load the data file.



Siebel Report Components


A Siebel report is generated from following components:

  • Report Schema (XML File)
    • Integration Objects are used to retrieve the data from Siebel database.


  • Report Layout (XSL and XLIFF Files)
    • Layout of the reports is designed in MS Word as an RTF file. It is then converted into XSL (Extensible Style-sheet Language) file with the help of BI Publisher Desktop Add-in.
    • Fixed text strings, mentioned in the RTF file for various fields and controls, are stored in a separate XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) file. It allows for easy language translations.