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Siebel Party Model – What is a User?

User is a person/contact with User ID. For example – A registered customer on your Web site browsing/ordering products online.

Parties Person - Venn Diagram

Parties Person – Venn Diagram

User records can be seen in following application view:

  • Administration – User > Users
  • Contacts > All Contacts

Characteristics of a User

  • May have associated responsibility leading to application access.
  • May have any associated positions.
  • Must have a User ID leading to database login.
  • It is possible to promote a contact/person to a user.
    • Adding a User ID value for a person record in Persons view causes it to appear as a user in the Users view.
What is User - Application View

What is User – Application View

Database Tables

Tables representing a User record are highlighted below:

  • Base Table – S_PARTY
  • Extension Tables
    • S_CONTACT – Stores First and Last Name of user.
    • S_USER – Stores User ID.
  • Intersection table – S_PER_RESP (not shown) stores responsibilities for users.
Table Architecture - User

Table Architecture – User

Complete Overview of Party Data Model

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