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Siebel Party Model – History

Siebel 7.x introduced a party table – S_PARTY as the primary table in Party model and the base table for all Party business components. Accounts, Organizations, Internal Divisions, Contacts, Employees, Positions, and Households are all considered parties and can be referenced from this table.

Impact on Database Architecture

Some tables previously used to store above data were retained as Extension Tables of S_PARTY:

  • S_USER stores Siebel User information.
  • S_EMP_PER stores attributes for Brand-Owner Employees and Partner Users who are considered agents of the Brand-Owner.
  • S_BU stores Organization information.

And some of the tables become obsolete:

  • S_EMPLOYEE – Its functionality is merged into S_CONTACT leading to use of single-person table.
  • S_ORG_INT – Its functionality is merged into S_ORG_EXT. leading to use of single-organization unit table.
  • S_EMP_POSTN – It is replaced by S_PARTY_PER.

Complete Overview of Party Data Model

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