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Siebel 7.7 Certification Questions – Picklists


1.      If at BC level and at applet level search spec. is defined then it will be

  1.  Joined as an AND in where claws
  2. Joined as an OR in where claws
  3. They will be treated separately
  4. Only one search Spec which is at applet level will be considered
  5. Only one search Spec which is at BC level will be considered


2.      What are the Advantages of using picklists? (choose 3)

  1.  Enforces business rules and polices
  2. Saves screen space
  3.  Makes data entry faster
  4.  Reduces errors


3.      How do we add new entries for a Static Picklist? (choose 2)

  1.  Load values into S_LST_OF_VAL
  2.  by batch loading
  3. Use SQL to load values into S_LST_OF_VAL
  4.  Enter values through List of Values Administration view


4.      What are the types of picklists? (Choose all that apply)

  1.  Static
  2.  Dynamic
  3. Bounded
  4. Unbounded


5.      What is the BC on which Static Picklists are based?

  1. PickList BC
  2.   PickList Generic BC
  3. PickGeneric BC
  4. Generic PickList BC