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Utility Tool – ColumnArranger v1.0


Hello Readers

Today I have got another interesting utility – ColumnArranger. It is used to automatically re-arrange the order of columns in MS Excel to a predefined format.

For example, you receive a report for Accounts-Opportunity in MS Excel.

In this scenario, ColumnArranger utility comes handy. Instead of re-arranging columns manually, only specify the column header in desired sequence and run an embedded macro.


Origin Of The Tool

During EIM Load, we used to receive data extracts from Data Conversion Team. They designed their own SQL and used to send the data in MS Excel sheet. And in parallel, my team was working on the design of EIM Loads and developed the CTL files with data order not in sync with select part of SQL statements. Therefore, data in received sheets could not be fed to the EIM loads directly.

At this point, I developed ColumnArranger tool. Instead of manually ordering the columns in Excel, I utilized it eliminating the manual efforts.


Presentation And User Guide

For additional details and user guide, please refer this document >> ColumnArranger – Presentation


Tool Setup

To download this tool, click here >> ColumnArranger – Setup


Utility Tool – SQL Bin v3.3


Let me present to you SQL Bin v3.3!!

It is an Excel-based utility to store all SQL Statements at one place for quick and easy reference.

The major features of this tool are:

  • Version control
  • User-friendly interface


Origin Of The Tool

I work on weekly dashboards. For this, I have to take out several extracts from the database and in result, I have to work with a number of SQL statements. Previously, I had to keep all these SQL in text/notepad files in unorganized fashion. Also it was time consuming to search for any specific SQL.

At that point, I came up with the idea of SQL Bin tool to organize all my SQL statements in organized and time saving fashion.


Presentation/Slide Show

Please download presentation on SQL Bin – SQLBin_Presentation


Tool Setup

Please download the setup of SQL Bin – SQL Bin v3.3 – Setup

Appreciate your feedback upon usage.