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Keyboard Shortcut (Accelerators) – Application Level Menu



Adding keyboard shortcut (known as Accelerators in Siebel) to application level menu items. In this case study, I will try to add ‘CTRL + M‘ as a keyboard shortcut to ‘Help – About View‘ option in the application menu as shown below:




Keyboard shortcuts are configured as ‘Accelerator’ objects in Siebel. Accelerator is the child object of ‘Command’ object in Siebel Tools -> Object Explorer window.


Steps to be followed

  • Select ‘Command’ in Object Explorer window in Siebel Tools
  • Query for ‘About View (SWE)’ in the Name property.
  • Select the ‘Accelerator’in Object Explorer window and create a New record as follow:
    • Display Name: CTRL+M (Shortcut key combination to be displayed in application level menu)
    • Browser Platform: All
    • Key Sequence: CTRL+M (Sequence of key strokes to be pressed to invoke this command)
  • Compile the changes.