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Siebel Query – Case Insensitive


Vanilla Functionality

By default, Siebel queries are case sensitive.

For example – Suppose in Siebel database two contacts exist with Last Name as ‘TEST’ and ‘Test’.


Then on querying for ‘Test’, only one record will be returned. Contact record with Last Name as ‘TEST’ will not be filtered in the query.


Required Functionality

To make query on Contact’s Last Name list column case-insensitive. Therefore both the records specified above should be returned in the result.


Steps to be followed

  • Log in to Siebel Tools
  • Select Table in object explorer window and search for S_CONTACT table in the Name property. Lock this item.
  • Select Column in object explorer and search for LAST_NAME column in the Name property.
  • Verify that the value of Default Insensitivity property is set to None at present. This specifies that search on this column would be case sensitive. (Highlighted in BLUE)
  • Right-click on the record and select Case Insensitivity menu option. (Highlighted in RED)
  • This will open Case & Accent Insensitivity (CIAI) wizard.
  • Click Next and then Finish.
  • Go to the Table in object explorer. Apply and Activate S_CONTACT table.
  • Compile the changes.