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Siebel EAI – Four basic Steps

Siebel integration involves following four basic steps:

1.     Access Data

  1. For inbound integration, Siebel will receive and save data
  2. For outbound integration, Siebel will retrieve and send data


2.     Convert Data

  1. Siebel stores data in tables.
  2. But to transport data, it is converted into more convenient format.
  3. Popular industry standard is XML format


3.     Sending Data

  1. Prepared data is sent over some specific channel – it can be HTTP protocol or any other industry standard transport


4.     Transforming Data

  1. Siebel uses tables as its data structure
  2. External application may use any other data structures to store their data
  3. On exchange of information between two systems having different data structure, it is required to transform the data and then save it.


Send Scenario


Receive Scenario