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Siebel Party Model – What is a Contact or Person?

Contact (or Person) represents an individual in the Siebel system. For example, an employee of your client company speaking to your Sales Representatives to purchase a product.

Parties Person - Venn Diagram
Contact/Person records can be seen under following two application views:

  • Administration – User > Persons
  • Contacts > All Contacts

Characteristics of a Contact/Person

  • May have associated responsibilities.
  • May have associated positions.
  • May have a User Id.
  • Contact/Person record is the parent/ancestor of other person parties – User, Employee and Partner User.
What is Person or Contact - Application View

What is Person or Contact – Application View

Please note that when a Contact/Person is promoted as a User, additional attributes such as User ID & Responsibilities are defined. For e.g. – last two records highlighted in RED above.

Database Tables

Tables representing a Person/Contact record are highlighted below:

Table Architecture - Contact/Person

Table Architecture – Contact/Person

Complete Overview of Party Data Model

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