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Message broadcast to all the application users


To broadcast message to all the users of the Siebel Applications. This message is displayed as scrolling text at the bottom of the application screen.

Message Broadcast

Message Broadcast


This is Siebel Vanilla functionality. It requires application level changes only.

Steps to be followed

  1. Go to the Site Map à Administration: Communications à Message Broadcast View.
  2. Create a new records and specify the following six fields:
    • Severity: It will determine the message color in the scrolling tab.
    • Abstract: Message subject
    • Message: Message body. Text entered here will be displayed in the scrolling tab.
    • All: Check this flag.
    • Broadcast: Check this flag.
    • Activation Date: Provide yesterday’s date.
  3. Logout and login back.
  4. All the application users will be able to see your message in the scrolling tab.


  • To share DB Refresh information (including dates and timings) with all the users.
  • To communicate the users about the downtime etc.

Edit – Change Records : Update Multiple Records



To allow end user to modify any list column value for multiple records in one go. For example, status of Accounts from ‘Active’ to ‘Terminating’.



It is a Siebel Vanilla functionality. Available in Siebel 7.7 and above. (Not sure about below 7.7 versions)


Steps to follow:

  • First, select all the records which need to be modified.


  • Click at application menu, Edit -> Change Records.

  • Select the List Column to be modified. Type in the exact value.

  • Click OK.


  • Locking multiple products at the same time for modification.
  • Increasing/decreasing Log Level of multiple components etc.



  • It is applicable for List Applets only.