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Types of Report in Siebel


Most common types of reports in Siebel are –

  • List Report
    • Displays a set of record in simple list format.
    • Like list applets


  • Grouped Reports
    • Displays set of records grouped on a column values
    • All Account records with status = Active in one group and all other Account records with status – Inactive in another group.


  • Master-Child Reports
    • Displays data with a Parent-Child relationship
    • Under each parent, there can be sets of multiple children
    • For example, against each quote listing all contacts and products


  • Parameterized Reports
    • Users can pass pre-defined parameter values and alter the report final output.



What is Siebel/BIP Report?


Siebel/BIP Report is a read-only snapshot of data captured from Siebel database. This data is being displayed independent of views and applets in Siebel application.

Certain properties of Siebel/BIP report are as follow:

  • Reports are assigned to specific views. Users, with access to these views only, would be able to use mapped reports.
  • Reports are not available globally.
  • Reports can be generated in two modes – Real Time and Scheduled.
  • Reports are saved on Siebel File System. Thus, once generated  reports can be accessed later on.