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Siebel 7.7 Certification Questions


1) In which directory Style sheets are stored in client application?

a)      BIN\enu\FILES
b)      PUBLIC\enu\CSS
c)      PUBLIC\CSS
d)      PUBLIC\enu\FILES


2) How does a particular screen come under view – Sitemap in application? By Setting value in

a)      Screen – Screen View – Viewbar Text Property
b)      Screen – Screen View – Menu Text Property
c)      Application – Page Tab – Text Property
d)      Application – Screen Menu Item – Text Property

3) Which two are outcome of “Undo Check Out” process?

a)      Release lock on server
b)      Release lock on local
c)      Retains lock on server
d)      Retains lock on local

Siebel 7.7 Certification Questions

1)      The following file is created when Generate New Database server task is run –

  1.  enu_1252.dbf in siebsrvr\DBTEMP
  2. sse_data.dbf in tools/DBTEMP
  3. enu_1252.dbf in tools/DBTEMP
  4. sse_data in tools/LOCAL


2)      How can developers can back up local work (choose 3)

  1. Copying repository data
  2.  Using archive file to back up repository data
  3.  Checking in projects into the server
  4. Copying the server database (.dbf)
  5.  Copying the local database (.dbf)

3)      Which one of the following can’t be changed in .cfg for customizing an application

  1. RepositoryFile
  2. ApplicationTitle
  3.  ApplicationName
  4. ApplicationSplashText


Siebel 7.7 Certification Questions

1)      Out of following levels, at which level would parameters take precedence/priority?

  1. Component Definition
  2. Server Component
  3.  Task
  4. Enterprise
  5. Server


2)      What happens when there is no primary position assigned to the employee

  1.  User cannot login
  2. User can login but gets the warning
  3. No need of primary position for the user to login


3)      One applet can show data from

  1. One table and one column
  2. One table and many column
  3.  Many tables and many column
  4. Many table and one column



Siebel 7.7 Certification Questions

1)      Where will you find license keys?

  1. User preferences
  2. Application Administration
  3. Group Administration
  4. License key administration

2)      Which of following is true about customer data Choose 2

  1. Includes dynamic, transactional data such as opportunities and orders
  2. Is created and maintained by company administrators
  3. Is created and managed by users of the application
  4. Can have access controlled at the catalog and category level

Siebel 7.7 Certification Questions


1)      Runs as Windows Services

a)      Siebel Server
b)      Gateway Server
c)     EnterpriseServer
d)     Database Server


2)      Recommended LAN for Siebel Server should be,

a)      Low Speed LAN
b)      Medium Speed LAN
c)      High Speed LAN
d)     Very High Speed LAN


3)      All clients connect through SWSE

a)      True
b)      False