Integration Components

Integration Components (ICs) are the building blocks of Integration Objects. As IO is mapped to BO, in the same fashion, IC is mapped to corresponding BC.

  • One or more IC constitutes the integration object.
  • At least one IC will be primary corresponding to primary business component of the business object.
  • There would be zero or more child IC with respect to child business components in the business object.
  • Each MVG in business component is exposed as a child IC under the integration object.

Integration components have following Integration Component Keys (ICK):

  • User Keys – Set of fields to determine the records uniquely
  • Status Keys – To store the Siebel Row ID and operation status for insert, update or delete scenarios

On creating the integration objects through Siebel Wizard:

  • Calculated Fields at the business component are imported automatically as inactive fields in Integration Component.
  • For any unneeded field, mark it as Inactive. Never delete a field from Integration component as it will be added again when Business Object is upgraded.

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