User Property – Always Enable Child


Vanilla Functionality

In standard Siebel application if a Service Request is closed, then all the child records in Activities tab becomes read only.



User should be able to add/modify Activities even when the parent Service Request is closed.


Steps to be followed

  • In this scenario, Service Request applet is mapped onto ‘Service Request’ BC and Activities applet is mapped onto ‘Action’ BC. There is Parent-Child relationship between Service Request and Action BCs.
  • Login to Siebel Tools.
  • Select Business Component in Object Explorer window and search for Service Request in Name property. Lock it.
  • Select Business Component User Prop in object explorer and create a new record:
    • Name – Always Enable Child: Action (Mention Child BC Name)
    • Value – TRUE
  • Compile the changes.




One response to this post.

  1. Posted by powell on May 6, 2014 at 9:11 PM


    I’m a newbie on Siebel and I have one clarification on the User Property – Always Enable Child, if I set the Status to Closed and Sub-Status to Completed under the Service Request List(parent) would there still be a chance to update/change the Sub-Status from Completed to Cancelled? Thank You.


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