User Property – Parent Read Only Field



This property is used to make all the records read only in a child BC with respect to a particular field value in the associated Parent BC. For example, if parent Account status is ‘Expired” then make all Activities read only.

This BC User Prop is configured always under child BC.



Using regular syntax to declare Parent Read Only Field user property, we can specify only one Parent BC at maximum.

  • BC User Prop Name: Parent Read Only Field
  • BC User Prop Value: <ParentBusCompName>.<FieldName>

Suppose we want to constrain read only behavior of a specific child BC corresponding to two different Parent BC, it will not be possible using this syntax. If we still try to configure it, then we will receive error – “The same values for ‘Parent Business Component, Name’ already exist.”




Use the below syntax:

  • BC User Prop Name – Parent Read Only Field: <BusCompName>
  • BC User Prop Value – <BusCompFieldName>



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