Siebel EAI – Types of Integration Architecture

Following are three types of integration architecture supported by Siebel:

 1)    Peer Structure

  • Refers to a set of systems interacting with each other.
  • Bilateral message exchange between each pair of systems.
  • Same view of information for all the systems in the structure.

 2)    Consumer Services

  • Siebel explicitly access any third party system or provide access to any third party system to the information held by it.
  • View of information may not be same for all the systems involved.
  • For example, Siebel generate BI Reports through BI Publisher server through outbound web services


3)    Alternate UI

  • This architecture allows transporting functionality with the data
  • That means Siebel may embedded web page in its view.
  • Or third party system can access Siebel views and utilize Siebel functionality as well.
  • For example, Siebel and MS Outlook integration.

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  1. Posted by Vasanth on December 13, 2011 at 7:49 PM

    Nice article.Please check out my articles on Siebel in the below link



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