Universal Inbox Business Service – Error Message


Error Message

On submitting a quote, following error was received –

[1] Error invoking service ‘Universal Inbox’, method ‘CreateInboxEx’ at step ‘CreateInboxEx’.(SBL-BPR-00162)
[2] ‘Task Owner Id’ is a required field. Please enter a value for the field.(SBL-DAT-00498)


Quote Functionality – Background

On Quotes, Sales Representatives are allowed to provide discounts to the customer. If this discount amount exceeds a specific limit, then higher level approvals are required from Sales Rep’s Managers.

To implement this behavior, we utilized Inbox module to raise approval requests. These requests were generated using Universal Inbox business service.


Root Cause of Error

The Primary Position on the Sales Team of Quote was DEV_02. But there was no Parent Position (or Position of Manager) defined for it under Administration – Group > Positions.



As a fix, we associated Parent Position with Primary Position of Sales Team of Quote. And Wow!! error disappeared and the approval request was created successfully.



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