Siebel Report Generation – Architecture


There are two modes in which Siebel application access BI Publisher engine to generate reports – Connected Mode and Disconnected Mode


1. Connected Mode

  • Used by Siebel Web Client to communicate with standalone BI Publisher server.
  • XMLP Report Server component is configured on the Siebel server.
    • It retrieves the report data from Siebel database through Integration Objects.
    • It invokes the Reporting Service/Engine at BI Publisher server through Web Services and also transfers the data to be displayed in reports. Reporting engine prepares the final report and sends it back to the XMLP Report Server component.
    • It saves the received report in Siebel File System and also passes it back to the user.


2. Disconnected Mode

  • Used by Siebel Mobile/Dedicated Web Client.
  • BIP Reporting Engine is implemented in Siebel.exe file itself via embedded libraries.
    • This leads to limited functionality. For example, scheduling of reports is not supported.
    • This also leads slightly less performance.
    • It retrieves the data and generate/display the final report.


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