Siebel 7.7 Certification Questions

1)      The following file is created when Generate New Database server task is run –

  1.  enu_1252.dbf in siebsrvr\DBTEMP
  2. sse_data.dbf in tools/DBTEMP
  3. enu_1252.dbf in tools/DBTEMP
  4. sse_data in tools/LOCAL


2)      How can developers can back up local work (choose 3)

  1. Copying repository data
  2.  Using archive file to back up repository data
  3.  Checking in projects into the server
  4. Copying the server database (.dbf)
  5.  Copying the local database (.dbf)

3)      Which one of the following can’t be changed in .cfg for customizing an application

  1. RepositoryFile
  2. ApplicationTitle
  3.  ApplicationName
  4. ApplicationSplashText


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