Siebel 7.7 Certification Questions

1)      In State models the fields used

  1. Must be of single value
  2. Should have no dependencies on other fields
  3. Can be multi-value field
  4. Can be a calculated field

2)      When does a local initialization take place?

  1. When a local database sse_data.dbf is not found
  2. When a .uaf file is found in Docking\User\Outbox
  3. When a .uaf file is not found
  4. When there is a data change during synchronization

 3)      In a view the upper part is displayed with a list and the lower part has a form. What is true about the above statement? (Choose One)

  1. Only one Business Component is used.
  2. Two BC may be used.
  3. One BC and Two BO’s are used.
  4. Multiple BO’s are used.

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